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Social Engineering Assessment

Social engineering is a deceptive attack where an attacker attempts to persuade users into performing an action such as providing a password or clicking a link.

Social Engineering testing identifies real-world vulnerabilities from a human perspective challenging an individual’s awareness of expected adherence to security policies and their ability to resist specific social engineering techniques like phishing attacks. Combining social engineering and physical security assessment maximizes the effectiveness of this assessment.

While social engineering is typically assumed to be delivered via phishing emails, these attacks can come in many forms, including phone calls, SMS messages, social media, and even personal interactions

This assessment also satisfies the requirements of regulatory bodies such as the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC). Financial companies and other organizations that handle sensitive customer data must always be prepared against cyber-attacks.

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What Dreamworks Delivers

Phishing Assessments

Emails (customizable, broad or targeted) are sent to employees with tracking on who clicks, how many times they click, downloads, information given, etc. Using research on both the client organization and its employees, our security experts create sophisticated campaigns which ensure the best assessment of user education.

Vishing (Voice Call) Assessment

Phone calls are made to employees while impersonating management, third parties, or customers, attempting to gather critical information such as login credentials, account numbers, office layout, etc. Vishing attacks utilize voice phone calls to similarly coax a user into performing an unauthorized access, such as providing sensitive information or downloading an untrusted file.

On-Site Assessments

On-site assessments utilize specialized security professionals to perform engagements in person. Specific techniques include ‘baiting’ the area with infected USB drives, tailgating employees through locked doors, and creating fake company badges to gain access to sensitive areas.

USB Drop Attacks

Drop USB memory devices at your physical locations with the ability to identify who picks up and plugs in these devices into work computers.

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Features - Social Engineering Assessment

"Make your workplace the place everyone wants to work"

Organizations that include social engineering threats in their assurance program tend to receive greater insights into their overall information security posture. It is becoming increasingly common for assurance programs to require that people and process are thoroughly tested on a regular basis, because that’s what attackers are targeting too.

  • High level executive summary report.
  • Technical documentation that allows you to recreate our findings.
  • Fact-based risk analysis to validate results.
  • Tactical recommendations for immediate improvement.
  • Strategic recommendations for long-term improvement.

Information Gathering

Dreamworks follow the steps Reconnaissance is the start to any social engineering assessment. While often neglected in many commercial services, information gathering is a critical phase and often determines the success of the rest of the social engineering campaign.

Engage Targets

We use the specified tactics and pretext; assessors begin engaging specified employees with the appropriate emails or phone calls. For on-site assessments, a series of tests are started, including tailgating users and ‘baiting’ with USB drives left in parking lots or other common areas.


A social engineering assessment is an essential asset in understanding people’s vulnerabilities that work in an organization. It is a complicated process because human error is difficult to anticipate compared to technical problems.


Dreamworks defines the vulnerability with each and every steps along with the PoC’s to ensure that how the vulnerability is reproduced. Following the top level industry standards and frameworks.


We provide recommendations for the highest level of protection to ensure all the loopholes/vulnerability should get patched in the easy way at the earliest.

Experienced Expertise

Dreamworks have highly qualified, certified and a team of experienced test professionals with rich experience in technology as well as domains, who have worked on complex projects for clients across the globe.

Benefits of Social Engineering Assessment

Mobile Security Assessment Benefits

Confidence in your Organization

Your clients, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders are more likely to do business with you if they trust you. They know you take your security seriously, which makes their interactions with your business more secure by extension.

Boost Security

Increase end user confidence and company reputation by boosting your defences and meeting the highest security standards.

Reveal Vulnerabilities

Illuminate breaches that could be exploited by an attacker for gaining access to your environment and system, and reduce risks of compliance penalties.

Enhance Data Security

Data security policy and guidelines are being followed to ensure users can easily avoid getting caught in the trap of hackers. This can include having well-implemented data encryption when the information is transferred between devices and using firewalls and security tools.

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Dreamworks Services comprises a team of security professionals drawn from intelligence, law enforcement and industry; architects and engineers from the world's best technology companies; and security consultants who have spearheaded some of the world's most challenging intrusion investigations.

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We perform our Social Engineering Assessments through face-to-face, voice, email, and web communication. Prior to testing, we may do a footprint analysis to see what kind of company-specific information is publicly available. Such information can help to personalize the Assessment

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Social engineering is a psychological attack against a company or an organization that aims to exploit people's natural tendency to trust others.

  • Baiting, Scareware, Pretexting, Phishing, Spear phishing

  • Social engineering assessments are a major aspect of many real-world cyberattacks. From highly targeted spearphishing engagements to vishing support calls, hackers use a range of attacks aimed at employees to gain unauthorized access.

  • In a nutshell, social engineering is the art and science of exploiting the human element’s unpredictability to access a system. This is one of the main ways hackers find their way inside vital systems to tamper and steal private company information.  With more technological advancements, social engineering has evolved in a variety of ways. It has grown increasingly challenging to keep up with all the growing threats and train employees about these threats. Social engineering tests can help provide a comprehensive picture of employees’ preparation and presence of mind.

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