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The number of IoT devices being deployed into networks is growing at a phenomenal rate, up to 1 million connected devices each day. While IoT solutions are enabling new and exciting ways to improve efficiency, flexibility, and productivity, they also bring a new risk to the network.

We as IoT security services providers help companies build and manage IoT security and protecting connected devices. We will develop and manage entire IoT systems at the behest. We also perform vulnerability assessments of IoT security systems. Our services will be customized to some extent based on the needs.

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What Dreamworks Delivers

IoT Threat Modeling

we’ll develop comprehensive threat models of your entire system that can evolve and live with your complete product lifecycle and help you identify and mitigate the most critical issues, as well as provide a document of your product’s security posture.

IoT Design Consulting

This service provides your engineers with one-on-one time with our security consultants during design time. We offer consulting from the ground up so that hardware issues don’t become a weakness or vulnerable point of your software security architecture.

IoT Penetration Testing

Our penetration and system analysis testing goes beyond basic analysis to consider the whole ecosystem of the IoT technology, covering every segment and how each impacts the security of the whole. Our testing includes the IoT mobile application, cloud APIs, communication and protocols, and embedded hardware and firmware.

Protocol Testing

we will test communications to and from the device. This includes testing the cryptographic security of encrypted transmissions, the ability to capture and modify transmissions of data, and fuzzing of the communication protocols. We will assess the security of communication protocols and determine the risk to your organization and clients.

Hardware Testing

we will examine the physical security and internal architecture of the device – including internal components – to determine the breadth and depth of its physical attack surface. This service may include component indication, firmware extraction, identification of test points, and reconfiguring the device’s hardware to bypass authentication, intercept traffic, and/or inject commands that may pose a significant risk to your organization and clients.

Firmware Analysis

we will extract and examine the content of the firmware in an attempt to discover backdoor accounts, injection flaws, buffer overflows, format strings, and other vulnerabilities. We will also assess the device's firmware upgrade process for vulnerabilities and perform a secure boot review process to ensure that public key encryption and upgrade functionality is secure.

Incident Response

After an attack, getting information from anything more than device logs can be a non-trivial task. our hardware teams can assist in pulling information directly from a product. This service is focused mainly on criminal cases and law enforcement; often, IoT devices have tracking and recording capabilities not publicly exposed. Our incident response team can determine what information is available for use in an investigation.

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Features - IoT Security Assessment

"A single Data Breach can ruin your customer’s trust in your company forever."

Our IoT Security lets you securely connect and manage devices, collect and analyze device data, and build and deploy solutions that drive greater business value.

  • High level executive summary report.
  • Technical documentation that allows you to recreate our findings.
  • Fact-based risk analysis to validate results.
  • Tactical recommendations for immediate improvement.
  • Strategic recommendations for long-term improvement.

Significant Threats

Pinpoint threats that commonly affect IoT ecosystem of your organization.

Tactical Coaching

Work with proficient experts to improve your team's capabilities at every stage of the attack lifecycle.

Ample References

Get systematic Recommendation to mitigate commonly exploited IoT architecture misconfigurations.

Focused Techniques

Receive guidance on reducing your attack surface in core focus areas.

Hard-Edged Posture

Detailed, prioritized recommendations to further harden your IoT infrastructure security posture.


Short- and long- term engagements available to suit organizational budgets and security program objectives.

Benefits of a IoT Security Assessment

Mobile Security Assessment Benefits

Early Stage Detection

Mitigate risks by detecting and remediating security vulnerabilities. Even better if you ask us an audit during the software development life cycle.

Boost Security

Increase end user confidence and company reputation by boosting your defences and meeting the highest security standards.

Reveal Vulnerabilities

Illuminate breaches that could be exploited by an attacker for gaining access to your environment and system, and reduce risks of compliance penalties.

Enhance Data Security

Data security policy and guidelines are being followed to ensure users can easily avoid getting caught in the trap of hackers. This can include having well-implemented data encryption when the information is transferred between devices and using firewalls and security tools.

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We has a strong reputation of providing the best quote. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. We are committed to creating value by providing excellent service at affordable prices with the amenities you expect.

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Our assessment services related to the technical and documentation design correspond to all advanced demands and standards. Our professional team always provides you with the best quality, regardless of the complexity level..

Timely Results

Compliance with the deadlines for the project is significant for our team. We carefully dissect the tasks and the time of their implementation to grant you with a high result on time.

Long-term Collaboration

Dreamworks Infotech is a credible technical service provider. We offer technical security services on a regular basis, so you can always count on our team of professionals.

Skills and expertise

Dreamworks Services comprises a team of security professionals drawn from intelligence, law enforcement and industry; architects and engineers from the world's best technology companies; and security consultants who have spearheaded some of the world's most challenging intrusion investigations.

Compliance With Ethical Codes

Compliance with audit standards and ethical codes ISACA Code of Ethics, ISSA ethical code, OSSTMM Rules of Engagement, in addition to the standards referenced in the audit methodology.

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