Mobile Security Testing

API Security Assessment

API security testing is the process of checking for vulnerabilities in your APIs, ultimately surfacing any potential security gaps for the engineering team to fix. Historically, this was done through penetration testing or manual scanning of the APIs by an enterprise security team.

APIs are not only the backbone of modern application architecture, but they are also key when it comes to maintaining security.

API Security focuses on strategies and solutions to understand and mitigate the unique vulnerabilities and security risks of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

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What Dreamworks Delivers

API Security Testing

Vulnerability Assessment - aims is to ensure that all open vulnerabilities are defined, identified, classified, and prioritized including Functional Testing, Compatibility Testing, Security Testing, Test Automation etc.

GraphQL Security Testing

Penetration Testing - aim is to not only probe the application’s defences but also to exploit vulnerabilities that have been discovered. Identify risks, vulnerabilities, and gaps. Impact of exploitable vulnerabilities. Determine how to leverage any access obtained via exploitation.

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Features - API Security Assessment

"Security is not just computer science – it’s a mindset"

Our API Security Assessment checks API gateway checks for authorization, then checks parameters and the content sent by authorized users. It then ensures that when logs are written that they're redacted, that the customer data isn't in the logs, and does not get written into storage. And it accomplishes these steps in the proper order.

  • High level executive summary report.
  • Technical documentation that allows you to recreate our findings.
  • Fact-based risk analysis to validate results.
  • Tactical recommendations for immediate improvement.
  • Strategic recommendations for long-term improvement.


Easier for client, managers and members to identify bottlenecks in the project and report these to get the proper action. It makes client understand that their participation and cooperation can make or break the success.


Our Reporting Defines the vulnerability with each and every steps along with the PoC’s to ensure that how the vulnerability is reproduced.

Experienced Expertise

highly qualified, certified and a team of experienced test professionals with rich experience in technology as well as domains, who have worked on complex projects for clients across the globe.

Focused Techniques

Receive guidance on reducing your attack surface in core focus areas.


for the highest level of protection to ensure all the loopholes/vulnerability should get patched in the easy way at the earliest.

Customized to Your Needs

Short- and long- term engagements available to suit organizational budgets and security program objectives.

Benefits of API Security Assessment

Mobile Security Assessment Benefits

Early Stage Detection

Mitigate risks by detecting and remediating security vulnerabilities. Even better if you ask us an audit during the software development life cycle.

Boost Security

Increase end user confidence and company reputation by boosting your defences and meeting the highest security standards.

Reveal Vulnerabilities

Illuminate breaches that could be exploited by an attacker for gaining access to your environment and system, and reduce risks of compliance penalties.

Enhance Data Security

Data security policy and guidelines are being followed to ensure users can easily avoid getting caught in the trap of hackers. This can include having well-implemented data encryption when the information is transferred between devices and using firewalls and security tools.

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We has a strong reputation of providing the best quote. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. We are committed to creating value by providing excellent service at affordable prices with the amenities you expect.

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Our assessment services related to the technical and documentation design correspond to all advanced demands and standards. Our professional team always provides you with the best quality, regardless of the complexity level..

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Compliance with the deadlines for the project is significant for our team. We carefully dissect the tasks and the time of their implementation to grant you with a high result on time.

Long-term Collaboration

Dreamworks Infotech is a credible technical service provider. We offer technical security services on a regular basis, so you can always count on our team of professionals.

Skills and expertise

Dreamworks Services comprises a team of security professionals drawn from intelligence, law enforcement and industry; architects and engineers from the world's best technology companies; and security consultants who have spearheaded some of the world's most challenging intrusion investigations.

Compliance With Ethical Codes

Compliance with audit standards and ethical codes ISACA Code of Ethics, ISSA ethical code, OSSTMM Rules of Engagement, in addition to the standards referenced in the audit methodology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • API security is nothing but securing the API endpoints from attackers and building your APIs in secure fashion. A vulnerable API could lead to:

    Unauthorized Access, Data leakage, Sanctioning Fuzzy input, Injection Vulnerabilitie, Parameter Tampering, etc.

  • If a hacker breaches API security, he/she can access sensitive data stored on your website. Data leaks of customers. This data is then sold on the Dark Web.

  • Implement Access Token, Use SSL to encrypt HTTP messages to and from your API, Sanitize the input parameters sent to API, Limit the no. of requests to your API per minute by any user etc...

  • API security gateways ought to be used all the time as a solution to the ongoing API security problems. Security gateways are able to limit the flow of data to precisely what it is that you need transferred and to stop you from hemorrhaging data that doesn’t necessarily need to be out there. A normal API gateway might be useful for your connection but it will never compare to a secure API gateway.


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